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Dec 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
and what does this mean for businesses and america's competitiveness. here to discuss this, michelle, former chancellor of the public schools in washington d.c. and the ceo and founder of students first. michelle, we're happy to have you. you're such an education expert. let me start with the first question, can this be fixed? because just about every ceo tyler and i talk to are very worried about u.s. competitiveness and, you know, where will they get top talent in the workplace if our kids in school just aren't doing well? do you think? >> it can absolutely be fixed. i hear the same thing from business folks saying they can't find people in the applicant pool that have the skills and knowledge to fill mission critical jobs. that means there is a misalignment what we teach kids and what the workplace requires. it can be fixed but fist, make sure we have high standards for all of our children. and we're putting those things in place through the common core standards, which will ensure we have a set of national standers that are internationally benchmark. that's one important thing to
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am PST
mandela. president obama and first lady michelle obama departed on air force one just a short time ago. tomorrow's memorial service will also serve as a rare reunion for nearly all of the living american presidents. >>> kpix5cate courigan is in the news room. a real security challenge. >> reporter: 8000 mourners are expected to attend the memorial and authorities say thousands of police officers will be on hand. right now, a memorial outside of mandela's former home is growing as well as a crowd of south africa's that have come together since the death. >> police are preparing today for a memorial service for nelson mandela at a johannesburg soccer stadium. president obama leaves this morning for south africa where he'll attend the massive public memorial. former president's bush, clinton and carter will also be in attendance along with more than 50 heads of state, making it one of the largest gatherings of world leaders in recent history. >> this is a test for us. >> reporter: the head of south africa's national defense force says the country is prepared for the challenge of equipping
Dec 2, 2013 1:00pm EST
. >>> plus mexico planning major reforms that may change its economy forever. our michelle caruso-cabrera is on the case. >> we're 55 miles off the coast of mexico over one of the few deepwater drills controlled by the state. why american investors for the first time in 75 years making a crack at mexican oil. over the next 40 years the united states population is going to grow by over 90 million people, and almost all that growth is going to be in cities. what's the healthiest and best way for them to grow so that they really become cauldrons of prosperity and cities of opportunity? what we have found is that if that family is moved into safe, clean affordable housing, places that have access to great school systems, access to jobs and multiple transportation modes then the neighborhood begins to thrive and then really really take off. the oxygen of community redevelopment is financing. and all this rebuilding that happened could not have happened without organizations like citi. citi has formed a partnership with our company so that we can take all the lessons from the revitaliza
Dec 2, 2013 6:30pm PST
. and as michelle cabrera tells us, it would provide new opportunities for u.s.-based oil companies. >> reporter: there is only one oil and gas company in mexico. it has been that way since 1938. in the middle of a socialist revolution, the company kicked out all foreign oil companies and the government took control of the production. for decades, they were one of the top producers, but not anymore. down from 3 and a half million barrels s a day in 2004, to le now. the spokesperson said the key to a turn around, accessing the oil in the deep gulf of mexico. deep water drilling is very expensive. just renting a platform costs up to half a million dollars as a day. they spent more than 20 billion, however, they think they need $60 billion. the problem is, they don't have that kind of money. >> reporter: so the mexican president is pushing for reform which finally would allow foreign investment. the debate is expected to begin this week on just how far the reform reforms will go. the more generous they are to foreign companies, the more investment they will get, but they will also be more controve
Dec 5, 2013 6:00am PST
captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >>> good morning, it's thursday, december 5. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> breaking news overnight an elderly couple and their dog pulled from a burning home in benicia. the couple was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. firefighters saved the dog. it's in stable condition. a newspaper deliveryman smelled the smoke early this morning. the fire was out in a half hour. >>> good morning. it's thursday, december 5. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now, bundle up! an arctic blast is bringing subzero temperatures to the north and sleet down to central texas. here in the bay we are seeing freezing temperatures. >> reporter: i'm anne makovec live at the fruitvale bart station. the absoluting of oscar grant years ago -- the shooting of oscar grant years ago sparked an investigation into the bart police department. we'll find out how they are doing implementing some of the recommended reforms. >> reporter: i'm kiet do live in san jose where my trusty iphone app says it is 26 degrees. that means
Dec 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
international correspondent michelle caruso-cabrera is on the case. michelle? >> tyler, all those things lead to a big question. did austerity work? we're getting some pretty clear-cut evidence today. that's next on "power lunch." >>> follow the money. all right. also ahead, where's that wicked winter storm going next? it is bringing cold, snow, ice, sleet, hail, pestilence across the country. it's hitting travelers and everyone else. the forecast is coming up. where will it go next? >>> w to "power lunch." check out caesar's entertainment, the world's biggest casino company is cautioning investors that internet gambling might hurt rather than help its brick and mortar casinos. caesar's which owns 4 of atlantic city's 12 casinos wrote in a regulatory filing that gambling online could reduce patron visits to its casinos in new jersey and nevada and harm the company's bottom line. but a spokesman at the company downplayed the warning, telling the associated press it had to be included for legal reasons regardless of how likely or unlikely the company believes a potential risk to be, sue, back o
Dec 2, 2013 4:10am EST
? well, this is published by michelle simon, a former graduate of uc-hastings, and a former research associate. and now a word from our sponsor. and a-n-d is very specific -- academy of nutrition and dietetics. are america's nutrition professionals in the pocket of big food? that is who is paying their bill. how about this? co-opting health professionals. i give a talk at the american academy of pediatrics in october, 2009, and i had this slide. and the american academy of pediatrics said if you show the slide, we will not let you on the dais. i had to take it out, but i'm showing it now. here is what has happened to our food dollars. 1982, 30 years ago, 2012. meat down 10%, because we were told to go low-fat. fruits and vegetables exactly the same. everyone tells us, we need to get more. we are eating all the fruits and vegetables we can. grains and baked goods. up 1%. not even a big deal. dairy products down from 13% to 10% because we are all lactose intolerant. finally, processed foods and sweets. 11.6% to 22.9%, a doubling in 30 years. that is where the money went. that is what y
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
international correspondent michelle caruso cabrera. good morning, michelle. >> good morning. clearly, nelson mandela's greatest legacy is his ability to bring the people of you south africa together and overcome racial divides. but at cnbc, we're aware that economic freedom is important to democratic freedom, as well. you saw the picture of the emergence from prison in 1990. at that point, he is a marxist, he was to nationalize the mines. by 1994, he's a completely different person. he's embraced things like privatization, a good monetary policy to control inflation. he's embracing the controlling of government expenditures, things that the imf today would say, wow, great job. in fact, if you read some liberal leftist logs, many of them are extremely critical of nelson mandela because he tried to out imf the imf. so a pragmatist is a good description of his economic legacy and economic growth improved under mandela's rule. it's still tremendous inequality in south africa, something they haven't completely overcome at this point. certainly he took major steps, not just political we bub econom
Dec 3, 2013 4:00am EST
. >>> speaking to michelle caruso cabrera, harris warned challenges still remain. >> obviously, we have come a lock ways since the springtime. we have exited the danger zone, we are stabilizing the situation, we're taking control of the situation. the challenges, of course, remain, but i think this is what the rating agents are beginning to register. the resilience of the secured economy and the determination to bring it back on tap, basically. >> so you mentioned that there are still challenges and hurdles. one of them must be the removal finally of the capital controls. you said earlier this month that within months, they would be fully lifted. does that mean you're still on target for january sometime? because the president had said earlier in the year that they would all be listed in january. >> yes. that's the aim of the government. let me say the afflictions are nothing compared to what they were. there are restrictions on all the new money coming into the economy. and most normal banking transactions can already be conducted without any restrictio restrictions. we aim to do away with
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
black president. and in 2011, he was paid a visit in south africa by first lady michelle obama who brought along first daughters malia and sasha. admired around the world and revered at home, nelson mandela's south africa embraced a future and he leaves a legacy of freedom and proof that one life can make a difference. >> we are one country. we are one people. >> let's just take a look at the johannesburg stock market. we saw in the past half an hour, there was a five-minute pause to trade to go mark mandela's passing. it's been one of the stronger performers so far this year, 13 plus percent the size of the gains. the currency, the opposite story that we've seen pressure on the south african rand of late. dollar/rand rates are up, which means the rand has been down 24% so far this year. we've seen further gains extended across the xetra dax. still a couple hundred points as what we had in november. but 0.4% on the ftse. the cac extending its gain now with the ftse. but this is nonfarm payrolls. the market is very much looking to see what the jobs number is going to be out of the s
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
for the fed to begin scaling back the bond purchases? we want to bring in michel gerard, chief economist at idf. a lot of people are written that question today. you say not yet, not until at least what, march? >> very much like peter said, many want more evidence the economy is indeed strong enough that they feel comfortable to pull back a bit because the last thing they want to do is pull back and have to reverse course. they stop asset purchases twice before only to come back in again. they don't want that to happen. december is a tough time to start tapering. a lot of people are on vacation, the market is very thin. the last thing they would want to do is potentially make a move leading to an exaggerated reaction in the bond market because again you have this. it will be a 2014 story. cheryladam: why not the january meeting? is that too soon? speak a lot of people have turned their forecast focus to . you don't have it press conference afterwards. you can always announce the decision to start doing press conferences after every meeting and that would put january into play. between th
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am EST
season. chad dickerson, ceo of etsy. our chief international correspondent, michelle ka reca cabrera just got back from mexico. take a listen. >> reporter: ahead on cnbc why for the first time in 75 years american investors may finally get a crack at mexican oil. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. is caused by people looking fore traffic parking.y that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sen
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 7:00pm EST
's official memorial service will be tuesday in johannesburg. president obama and first lady michele will travel to south africa next week to pay their respects. president bill clinton, hillary clinton, president george w. bush, and laura bush will also be in attendance. washington d.c. will honor mandela as well with a week of tributes, including candlelight vigils at the south african embassy and the memorial service to at the washington national cathedral. that next wednesday. a deep freeze gripping much of the united states tonight. a deadly storm with arctic air packing a snelling and i see plunged hitting states from the south to the great lakes. the national weather service issuing winter storm and ice warnings for parts of texas, oklahoma, arkansas, mississippi, missouri, illinois, and indiana. in arkansas the state's governor declared a statewide emergency to make it easier for crews to repair damage to downed trees and power lines. in missouri, forecasters are warning of up to 8 inches of snow, that will fall later denied. the bad weather turning deadly in texas. at least t
Dec 6, 2013 9:00am EST
and also, michelle, let's go to you. job growth averaging 195,000 each month on average for the last 12 months. >> the last 12 months, last 24 monies, last 36 months practically. the trend is moving up very, very gradually. the pace of job growth is not. a lot of nice gains in manufacturing and construction. i certainly think this puts us on track for q 1. i think march is more likely than january. >> let's stick with the positive aspect of this, which is the figures. manufacturing up 27,000, construction up 20,000, retail doing well. weep expect the fast food restaurants and drnging places to take on staff and that's always been the case but this is mu much broader. one of the benefits is the household wealth effect, equity effect coming up. >> for some. a lot of people at the bottom don't -- >> that's the biggest taper argument that the fed is sending a signal they ten to stimulate the equity market forever. >> that's very, very interesting. it was yesterday or the day before that obama decided to relaunch do you think that janet yelleni yellening. >> any type of a taper is not going
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am EST
-- >> the dampening their of the housing market is very tangible, and michelle meyer said a double digit 2013 will not repeat itself this year. yields are up, housing is dampened, but not to any form of crisis, but peter is right, that is always political in washington are at >> tom keene, thank you. also, peter cook, peer and we'll will be back in two minutes on "in the loop." ♪ >> well, it is a talent two mexicos. a tale of two one is about tourism. hyatt hotels is opening to resorts, and starwood plans to up its luxury portfolio there by 50%, but on the flip side there is the mexico played by drug violence and crime. there are 24 murders for every 100,000 people in mexico. compare that to just 4.7 in the united states. that has toryism advocates in mexico fighting -- toryism advocates in mexico fighting to get the truth out, including the ceo of yucatÁn holidays. erica, thank you for joining us. do you feel there is a disproportionate amount of attention paid to drug violence in mexico, and is that hurting your business? >> yes. i feel that happened in the past because the previous fede
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
to knitting on the portfolio management skills. >> you look at the market, what jumps out at you, michele? >> every single cycle there's a moment where the market turns. where good news starts out bad news because you worry about the fed, right, et cetera. the fed will get easier whether it's taper or raising rates. and then good news becomes good point. feels like we hit that point. the underlying economy is what drives the stock market. >> are we having a moment here, evan? >> there is a moment. it's not just between the two of us. i think the big story is, we are looking -- i'm going to call it the official end of the 31-year run of a bull market in bonds. >> wait a minute. >> i heard that before. >> you just said 31. >> i think it's 31. i think it's 31. >> people have been saying 30. they've been wrong. >> i think it's 31. i think it's important because what's going to happen in the next few months, it seems very unlikely, given the employment report and what's going on with some of the numbers, gdp numbers, that the ten-year yield will ever move down below 2.50 again. >> to what, sno
Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
by giving back. we're going to be talking with lauren bush lauren and michelle obama's chief of staff. >> this week bloomberg released a study of the 50 u.s. companies doing the most to make the world little bit better. it's good for people and based on the data it's actually good for business as well. oversaw the project as the executive director of points of light. us, lauren bush lauren a pioneer in humanitarian businesses. help our viewers understand how company that made your list are both going about their business and actually making the world a little bit better. what are they doing? >> great. so it's a survey that recognizes community-minded companies in america on the s&p 500 list. what we're looking at is how engaging ine community. that looks at things like dollars, employee volunteers, how are companies using the skills and talents of and localle for good communities. their advocacy on behalf of issues. arehese things combined looking at the holistic picture of how companies are investing in communities. point number three, measuring the impact. how do you quantify this s
Dec 3, 2013 9:00am EST
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Dec 4, 2013 9:00am EST
into refineries. michelle caruso-cabrera yesterday with a fabulous piece about mexico. she does fine reporting in areas we have to spend more final right. >> you got that right. >> and lennar, is it too easy a story that you sell the housing companies here? >> it's been the right thing when rates go to 3. when you get there, you revisit. turns out the companies are making a little bit more money to get there. i don't have a thesis to buy those stocks. i have a theses to buy a whirlpool because i think there's going to be turnover. the cfo talked about when your house gets above water, you spend more money on it. so i'm not saying the housing related's bad but i don't have a thesis going on a home builder. not right now. >> not much green on my screen this morning. shares of hewlett packard up 2%. >> because i pushed a stock about as hard as i've ever pushed a stock in my lifetime. there will be people who said your head is -- i can't think of anything else other than the -- >> probably the reason. >> i pushed it really hard because the chart is great and i think meg whitman is pulling off mayb
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST
funds, for example. michele caruso cabrera will join us to describe the implications. >> let's get a quick check of markets. starting off pretty quiet. the dow is adding 16 points. a couple points higher on the nasdaq. on s&p 500 perhaps more significantly, bill are simply the levels we're looking at. 16,000 plus on the dow. 4,067 on s&p. >> let's talk about today's market action in our "closing bell" exchange with jem ma godfrey, we have anthony chan from chase,on n onon john naplatano and gem you tweeted, the headline allocation. >> we're starting to see rally fatigue. we think that will support the rally. good news is good news and bad news is good news. the fed is likely to remain supportive. this rally fatigue means people are reallocating away from growth into value. the biggest beneficiaries of this could be let's say, european equities over u.s. equities where valuations are looking tight. and opportunities within the financial sector and also risks there so you have to be selective. >> we'll get to that in a second. on this point about how expensi
Dec 4, 2013 3:00am PST
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Dec 9, 2013 3:00am PST
of president obama and first lady michelle obama just having gotten on board air force one. they're going to take off and fly here to south africa, johannesburg for what is promising to be an epic memorial tomorrow, it will be held at the 90,000 people. the world is complexity, you talk about south africa, everything is complex, the nature of the burgeoning mixing of white and black and all the different regional languages that have to be here and the celebration is complicated. there's a sense of loss but also this joy of what mandela meant. you hear the music. you see the procession, different tribes, different religions all coming here and of course black and white together. the u.s. has president obama and also three former presidents coming as this echo around the world of the word of mandela's passing is generating this energy of inclusion, yet again complexity and that brings us to newt gingrich. he's joining us this morning and we're happy to have him. newt wrote a thoughtful piece about the passing of nelson mandela. newt had been one of the people early on pushing to end aparthe
Al Jazeera America
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
, michelle obama. we are live in mandela square where people are paying tribute to the former leader. good morning. >> good morning, dell. we're in santon, one of the wealthier areas of the city. this scene is being repeated across the country, candles, some electric, some real, people dropping by to drop off little mementos, lay down flowers and take a moment to be quiet in the presence of the great man himself. there's a huge statue at the end of the square. this is high end real estate, some of the priceyest real estate in the country. a lot of companies have office space in this neighborhood. nearby in the township, which we visited today, this is the place where nelson mandela first lived when he ran away from home so long ago and came to johannesburg. this is going to be one of the back drops for these celebrations of his life, unemployment in this country right now is about 25%, and according to european monitor labor survey, about 70% of those unemployed are 15-35 years old, the very young in south africa, face in considerable challenges at this point. so as the word leaders gather
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
on the morning news about two hours ago. president obama and first lady michelle obama boarding air force one. now, also on air force one for the trip to south africa former president george w. bush, his wife, laura, and former secretary of state hillary clinton. former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton will also be attending the memorial but they are traveling separately. the only living president not going to the mandela funeral is george h.w. bush. he's 89 and is no longer able to travel long distances. >>> in south africa people are still gathering outside of nelson mandela's house in johannesburg. this is video shot earlier this morning. tomorrow, a public memorial service will be held in a soccer stadium that seats 95,000 people. then nelson mandela's body will lie in state in a government building in pretoria from wednesday through friday and then on sunday, nelson mandela will be buried in the remote village that he grew up in. >>> 7:16. today, south africa's parliament held a special session honoring nelson mandela. ♪ >>> yesterday, the south african government called for a
Dec 3, 2013 6:00am EST
to "squawk box." nine months later, cyprus's ded debt has been upgraded, not downgraded. michelle caruso cabrera sat down with the finance minister to determine how they managed that. >> you remember the scene, it was absolute chaos, the banks were shut down for two weeks, they were begging for billions from their european partners. people wondered if once again we were going to see the european financial system come apart. here we are, s&p upgraded cyprus last week. it's extraordinary. it took nine months for cyprus to get upgraded. it took four years for greece to get upgraded. this is harris georgeioti. we spent a lot of time talking about what happened and why it's so different. he said cyprus took really hard decisions early on. they cut spending immediately and early and budget cuts came at a quicker pace. he didn't compare that to greece. i'm saying compared to greece because i that you tell saw greece first hand. they're still fighting some reforms he don't want to do in greece. bottom line, he says he thinks the worst is behind cyprus. >> hopefully we have come a long way since
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)